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FREE Handmade Card Template 1

Over the years we've created card layouts that we find ourselves using over and over again. These basic templates can be used for tons of different cards for every occasion.  I can't wait to share them with you so you can start making meaningful cards for your family and friends.
free handmade card template or pattern. make your own greeting acrds
Step 1: Choose a scrapbook paper that conveys the occasion or expresses the person you are creating it for.

Step 2: Choose a coordinating 3/4 - 1 inch ribbon

Step 3: Print or stamp your sentiment on the right hand side (could also be reversed). 
Add the recipients name for an extra special touch.

Step 4: Assemble! 

Use this template over and over again for an easy handmade card anytime you need one. 
Visit our website to see this template in action.

For this particular card we chose a nautical theme.  We picked out the anchor paper and a sailors knot ribbon. We used red ink to compliment the blue and added the recipient's name to make is extra special for them.
an ocean inspired nautical birthday card with anchors and knots
Nautical Mens Birthday Card
In this version we started off with a beautiful rose paper and then found the rose ribbon at Hobby Lobby (our favorite place to shop).  Paired together they make such a beautiful women's birthday card.  We dressed up the words on the front with a fancy frame to make it feel elegant and of course personalized it with their name.
a beautiful birthday card covered in vintage roses. perfect for anyone who loves gardening or flowers
Rose Womens Birthday Card
Now available in our Etsy Shop!


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